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The Patient’s Medical Home is the future of family medicine in Canada. Since the original PMH vision was launched in 2011, progress has been made across the country—the provinces that have well-structured, long-term health care system reforms in place are performing the best. All provinces have shown progress in adopting the team-based, patient-centred, continuous, comprehensive, and accessible vision for primary care aligned with the PMH, but there remains an opportunity to do more.

The PMH 2019 captures the evolution of family medicine and refreshes the vision for the road ahead for family practices, their patients and policy makers.

A New Vision


The full version of the PMH vision includes detailed background supporting the ten pillars and supporting recommendations. Download the pdf to read more.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Virtual Care in the Patient's Medical Home


Virtual Care in the Patient’s Medical Home spells out the role of virtual care as a pathway for patients to access comprehensive and continuous care through family practices that complements rather than replaces the in-person delivery of health care services. The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly shifted the requirements of access to primary care, affecting family physicians, their community-based practices, and patients in their care. This supplement clarifies the role of virtual care in the interprofessional vision of the Patient’s Medical Home while recognizing that more work needs to be done to address the digital divide and ensure there is equitable and socially accountable access to virtual care. Support for virtual care must strive to add to the provision of continuous care rather than create a parallel system of episodic, disconnected access.


The combined skills and expertise of the interprofessional PMH team ensures patients can easily access a variety of services, and that they are given relationship-driven, compassionate care.


PMH strives to provide care that is centred on the needs and preferences of patients, their families and their communities. Patient perspectives and engagement play a crucial role.


Applying the pillars of the PMH in primary care reform, provincial health care authorities can realize the benefits of better care, convenient access, improved outcomes and increased satisfaction. 

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