PMH in Manitoba

Following the government’s pledge in 2015 to provide every Manitoban with access to a family doctor, Manitoba has continued to implement its Primary Care Strategy that includes team-based care initiatives such as the PMH-inspired My Health Teams (MyHTs) and Home Clinics. Manitoba’s MyHTs bring together various health care professionals to provide coordinated, continuous, accessible, and high-quality care to the populations they serve. Most MyHTs are comprised of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other health care professionals such as dietitians, pharmacists, mental health workers, social workers, spiritual care providers, community developers, exercise specialists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists. These health care professionals leverage one another’s expertise and skills to provide the best possible care for patients, including patients with chronic conditions.

The implementation of MyHTs is occurring province-wide in phases. As the model matures, Manitobans can expect to experience the benefits from of MyHTs, including greater access to comprehensive and high-quality care from a team of health care professionals. Currently there are MyHTs formed or in progress in every region of the province. Expanding coverage and evolving MyHTs remains a priority for primary care in Manitoba.

Successful examples of practices operating as a PMH in the province

Jim Neufeld, Clinic Manager, C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre
385 Main Street
Winkler MB  R6W 1J2
Phone: 204-331-2300
Fax: 204-325-4594
Email: [email protected]

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