The PMH Questionnaire

The Self-Assessment Tool is a self-reflective questionnaire. The questionnaire helps you analyze how closely your practice aligns with the principles of the PMH. The questionnaire also offers actionable advice and links to resources that can help you better align your practice with the PMH.

The questionnaire takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to complete. While this may seem like a lot of time, we invite you to see it as an investment in your practice. Completing the questionnaire can also be a great team building activity. The Tool lets you save your results and return later to check your progress.

Earning Credits

Consider completing this questionnaire with your practice team to gain a variety of perspectives and initiate conversations.

CFPC members are encouraged to participate in the PMH self-assessment. In addition to providing your valuable input, participation in this activity can be documented through a Linking Learning exercise.  Those interested in claiming Mainpro+ certified credits may complete a Linking Learning to Assessment exercise. Please refer to the CPD webpage for more details.


1. Complete the Survey

2. Log in to the Members Area of the CFPC website ( ) and click the Mainpro+ logo

3. From your Mainpro+ dashboard click “Enter a CPD Activity”


4. The form can be found by selecting:

  1. Assessment
  2. Certified
  3. Linking Learning to Assessment
  4. Click “Continue”

5. Complete the form in its entirety and click ‘submit’ or ‘send to holding area’ if you would like to complete it at a later time.

Linking Learning to Practice

Linking Learning to Practice was designed as a general reflection exercise. It is a self-administered exercise that is intended to challenge you to look at day-to-day activities as learning opportunities. The form helps you to identify a question, and then guides you through a series of critical inquiry and practice reflection exercises to answer the question.

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