The Patient’s Medical Home is the future of family practice in Canada.

In this vision, every family practice across Canada offers the medical care that Canadians want — readily accessible, centred on the patients’ needs, provided throughout every stage of life, and seamlessly integrated with other services in the health care system and the community.



CarePoint Health is an inter-professional team of primary care physicians and allied health professionals that provides care for the Southwest and East Mississauga communities. Family physicians affiliated with CPH can access a range of team-based services and programs for their patients including nurse clinics, mental health and social service supports, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, smoking cessation, and health education programs.

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“As a core member of the PMH team, Family Practice Nurses, are excited to use the Patient’s Medical Home 2019 document as a guiding tool in designing and implementing effective and efficient patient services with our Family Physician colleagues.”

Treena Klassen R.N., B.N., A.S.M.H., M.Ed

President, Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association

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“Social workers are key members of Interprofessional teams and we strongly support tools that will continue building the momentum in adopting patient centred family practice teams.”

Fred Phelps

Executive Director, Canadian Association of Social Workers


“The updated vision of family practice in Canada aligns with the CHCA’s harmonized principles for home care and sets a clear foundation for achieving patient- and family-centered care that is accessible, accountable, evidence-informed, integrated and sustainable. We strongly endorse the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Patient’s Medical Home 2019 as an enabler to make this happen.”

Nadine Henningsen

CEO, Canadian Home Care Association

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“Working for Change is pleased to endorse the Patient’s Medical Home 2019 vision. The PMH vision describes the kind of care that Working for Change program participants need from their family physicians and other primary care providers. Care that is compassionate, accessible and connected. Care that is socially accountable and adaptive to the needs of our community. Care that partners with patients and their families.”

Joyce Brown

Executive Director, Working for Change

Canadian Public Health Association


“The Patient’s Medical Home 2019 is an important foundational piece in the transformation of the health care system to better meet the needs of Canadians. Its emphasis on intersectoral action on the social determinants of health is important in an age when bold action is required to meaningfully improve health status and also reduce the burden on our country’s acute care system.”

Dr. Richard Musto

Chair, Canadian Public Health Association


“The Canadian Nurses Association supports the College of Family Physicians of Canada’s Patient Medical Home (PMH) and its vision to strengthen, spread and broaden patient-partnered care in Canada. Nurses have a unique and integral role to play in advancing primary care through interprofessional and patient-partnered approaches – and the PMH goes a long way to promoting collaboration among patients and health care providers to respond to the evolving needs of patients and communities.”

Mike Villeneuve

CEO, Canadian Nurses Association


“We are proud to support the CFPC and its vision for the Patient’s Medical Home,” said Dr. Rashaad Bhyat, Clinician Leader, Canada Health Infoway. “Working together with patients, care providers and policy makers, the PMH principles can help deliver better primary care for Canadians and improve health outcomes.”

Dr. Rashaad Bhyat

Clinician Leader, Canada Health Infoway



“When it comes to taking concrete action on improving primary care in Canada, the Patient’s Medical Home 2019 is a compelling roadmap for health decision makers, health professionals and patients.  Physicians understand how the collaborative approach can have a real impact, ensuring efficiency along the way and this is why the CMA is pleased to endorse the 2019 vision.”

Dr. Gigi Osler

President, Canadian Medical Association


“Collaboration between and among all specialists in Family Medicine and Royal College disciplines, allied health providers, patients and their care partners is critical to the successful delivery of healthcare that meets the needs and expectations of patients and communities in Canada. We strongly support the vision of the Patients’ Medical Home in delivering comprehensive and timely care for all.”

Andrew Padmos, BA, MD, FRCPC, FACP, FRCP

Chief Executive Officer, The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada


The Canadian Armed Forces Health Services is proud to support the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) 2019.  This vision for the future of family practice will allow for more agility in the patient-focused healthcare domain, and will encourage continued collaboration among all healthcare providers.  We look forward to this unique transformation, and its contribution to a healthy future.

MGen Andrew Downes

Surgeon General of the Canadian Armed Forces


On January 19, 2024, the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) welcomed nearly 100 family medicine and primary care leaders to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for the 2024 Patient’s Medical Home Atlantic Symposium. View highlights from the Symposium.


Practices across Canada have implemented PMH principles in their communities. Read about their success and the results they have achieved. If you have a success story of your own you want to tell us about, get in touch!

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