PMH Success Story: CarePoint Health

CarePoint Health (CPH) is an inter-professional team of primary care physicians and allied health professionals that provides care for the Southwest and East Mississauga communities. Since opening in 2019, CPH has employed a team-based primary care approach inspired by the Patient’s Medical Home vision, providing coordinated, comprehensive, and high-quality care to patients of affiliated physicians in the region.

CPH’s unique structure provides the opportunity for family doctors in the community to affiliate with an integrated PMH-aligned practice without changing their clinical setting, methods of practice, staff, or even remuneration model. Once affiliated with CPH, family physicians can access a range of team-based services and programs for their patients including nurse clinics, mental health and social service supports, pharmacy, physiotherapy, nutrition counselling, smoking cessation, and health education programs. Although considered part of the CPH team, affiliated physicians remain the Most Responsible Physician for their patients.

“For the system to respond to population health needs, it needs a way to connect with all primary care providers,” says Andrew Bilton, CPH Executive Director. “CarePoint Health reaches out to primary care providers in our community and connects them to team-based care for their patients most in need.”

CPH has achieved much since opening in 2019. The practice is affiliated with more than 70 physicians, whose combined rosters total more than 100,000 patients. More than 350 patients are connected with CPH services each month with priority given to socio-medically complex patients. CPH has also been active in providing integrated care through community partnerships as part of its commitment to social accountability and population health.

“CarePoint Health is focused on the health of the community around us,” says Dr. Sundeep Banwatt, Clinical Director at CPH. “CPH has contributed to COVID-19 response initiatives, Afghan refugee and Cat Lake wildfire response, and led a food bank drive contributing over 2000 pounds of food last year. Being a leader and a collaborative and supportive community partner is a core principle of the CPH mission.”

CPH also offers culturally sensitive services including treatment in languages reflective of the local population. Most important of all, affiliated physicians, allied health care professionals, and patients all report high levels of satisfaction with the vision, making CarePoint Health a thriving example of team-based care in the Greater Toronto Area.

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