Family Practice Teams

A medical perspective

Family physician leadership is central to the PMH vision, but in the context of working in collaborative teams with a range of interprofessional health care providers that are responsive to patient and community needs. The pillars of the PMH vision outline where family physicians and their teams should focus to ensure they are able to continue playing the vital role they occupy in our health care system

A New Vision


The full version of the PMH vision includes detailed background supporting the ten pillars and supporting recommendations. Download the pdf to read more.



Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about the PMH? Click the link below to download our Frequently Asked Questions file.





The PMH Neighbourhood

Where does a PMH practice sit in the larger health care environment? The idea of the “Patient’s Medical Neighbourhood” helps describe its place. In addition to providing patients with comprehensive, continuous, compassionate care, the PMH practice also links patients to other medical and social services in the health system and in the community. Download the poster to have a look at the concept. 

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