Going From Paper to Electronic

Aug 14, 2015 | News, PMH in Ontario

The shift from paper-based patient records to electronic medical records (EMRs) is now recognized as integral to the evolution of the delivery of care in family medicine. As EMR tools are further developed, new possibilities for their application come to light: for example, data collected through EMRs can guide system-wide decisions and inform research.

The Adoption of EMRs in a Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) is the latest best advice guide from the CFPC’s PMH series on practical guides for family physicians. This guide provides a background of what an EMR is, and what factors need to be considered when adopting an EMR system. As seen in literature and through physician’s personal stories, EMRs can serve as a benefit for not only the family physician and their health team using the system, but also to the patient’s health and engagement in their care.

It is important that before switching to this system, one must fully understand the challenges and decisions that must be made, including: financial costs, practice needs, and resource requirements. Understanding these factors will help make this transition as informed as possible. The CFPC is pleased to provide family physicians with this Best Advice Guide.

As the basis of this EMR series, this guide will focus primarily on the basic advantages of EMRs and the adoption of new technology. Future guides will build on this foundation to explore EMRs’ use and their potential in more depth and detail.

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