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Le forum du CMF est un nouveau forum pour ceux et celles qui ont un intérêt particulier pour le Centre de médecine de famille. Il s’agit d’une nouvelle façon d’échanger, lire, voter sur et commenter les nouvelles, les développements et les articles du CMF. Le forum du CMF pourrait devenir un excellent espace collaboratif où les médecins, les patients, les décideurs ainsi que les professionnels de la santé peuvent partager leurs connaissances et échanger des idées sur le modèle de soins du CMF. La discussion et la participation permettent au site de prendre de l’ampleur. Consultez et affichez des articles, commentez et aimez les documents qui ont été mis en ligne par vos pairs. Et faites-le régulièrement! Dites-nous vos impressions en répondant à cette introduction ou, mieux encore, en publiant et en partageant de l’information utile pour le Centre de médecine de famille. Vous donnerez ainsi le coup d’envoi!

Role of specialists, interaction with perioperative surgical home

What is the role of specialists in the PMH and what structures need to be in place to support that? The perioperative surgical home is complementary to the PMH. Are there examples of how the two « homes » successfully interact? Examples of how patients effectively move between the two?

Let’s Talk

I read the PMH Patient Flyer tonight. It is a leaflet you can share with your patients and colleagues that highlights the many benefits of the Patient’s Medical Home from a patient’s perspective. It was an easy-to-read, informative piece. Check it out here: PMH Patient Flyer   Let me know what you think! Sally Hughes

CNA Primary Care Toolkit

CNA’s Primary Care Toolkit is a resource for registered nurses and nurse practitioners building collaborative teams in primary care settings such as family practices and walk-in clinics. This toolkit can help registered nurses optimize their role in a multi-disciplinary primary care team as they integrate a primary health-care focus more effectively into their practice. – […]

A useful report on how Communities of Practice in FM can help the PMH

This short report can give comprehensive FP’s some ideas about collaboration with FP’s with Special Interests to improve care in the PMH. It gave me some thoughts on how I can work with the PMH and the family physician also. Don’t worry, it’s short, and there is a brief summary too!

PMH Practice Assessment

Just completed the PMH Practice assessment. Very easy to do and a valuable tool if you are looking to assess your practice and determine what aspects need a little work! I plan to use this document to help inform discussions on needed practice change. Lisa Bonang

Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association

Do you currently have a Registered Nurse as part of your Patient Medical Home team? The Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA) is a non-profit, grassroots, volunteer Association established to connect nurses working in family practice/primary care. We invite you to refer them to the website at for regular updates on news and educational […]

Coming Soon!

The PMH Talk section of this site will be an exciting new way to share, read, vote and comment on industry news and articles. This section of the site has potential to be an amazing resource for all of us. We rely heavily on your participation though. Please visit often and upload / comment of […]

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