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What is the role of specialists in the PMH and what structures need to be in place to support that?
The perioperative surgical home is complementary to the PMH. Are there examples of how the two “homes” successfully interact? Examples of how patients effectively move between the two?

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    A timely question, and one that may be answered more fully within the next few months as we work towards the completion of two new Best Advice Guides on the complementary topic of teams in the PMH. Our first guide which we are expecting to release in November will cover Communities of Practice in family medicine and the organization of intra-professional teams. We expect a follow up guide focusing on the organization of inter-professional teams within the PMH in early 2017. Guides can always be found here:

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    We have had specialists integrated in some of our military primary care clinics for decades. This is obviously convenient for the patients and facilitate collaboration and transfer of knowledge between the specialists and the family physicians.

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    I believe we also need to consider the virtual/remote support via e-consultation whatever if it is from telephone, email or VTC.

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