PMH Success Story: Victoria East Medical Clinic​

For more than 30 years, the Victoria East Medical Clinic (VEMC) has been providing high-quality, team-based care to patients in Regina, Saskatchewan, and the surrounding area. Embracing the clinic’s core values of compassion, integrity, and teamwork, physicians and allied health care providers at the VEMC work together to provide accessible, comprehensive, team-based care to a growing roster of more than 20,000 patients.

Family physicians at the VEMC have professional interests ranging from women’s health and palliative care to sports medicine. These family physicians are supported by a team of allied health professionals including registered nurses, psychologists and counsellors, lab technicians, administrative assistants, a dietitian, and a pharmacist. This team of health care professionals work together to provide high-quality, specialized care for their patients. For instance, the pharmacist and nurses collaborate to provide education and management for a range of chronic diseases. Similarly, family physicians, nurses, and public health staff work together to provide and record immunizations. Administrative duties are mainly shared by nurses, referral clerks, and other administrative assistants, allowing family physicians to focus on their clinical duties.

Beyond their commitment to team-based care, staff at the VEMC also work hard to align the practice with other pillars of the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) vision including accessibility, comprehensiveness, and continuity of care. Patients at the VEMC are seen primarily by their own family physician or care team, ensuring comprehensive, continuous, and relationship-based care. The clinic team also works hard to ensure every patient has prompt access to the health care provider of their choice. The VEMC also offers virtual, after-hours, and weekend appointments for attached and unattached patients to ensure timely access to care.

“This is the only way I want to practice,” says lead physician Dr. Danielle Cutts. “I work with a strong team of colleagues from a variety of disciplines all focused on taking care of people. It reminds me why I got into medicine!”

Patients of the VEMC have also expressed their appreciation for the practice in interviews and surveys. A 2021 survey found that an overwhelming majority of responding patients were satisfied with the quality and accessibility of care offered at the VEMC.

“I have never had an issue getting an appointment promptly or any access to their services,” says Jodi Kerr, a registered nurse and patient at the VEMC. “The nurses and staff are always very helpful, kind, and compassionate. This is a very team-based approach, and they are committed to providing excellent and competent care for their patients.”

The staff at the VEMC are always looking for ways to offer better care for their patients, striving for adaptability and continuous quality improvement. This ongoing commitment to quality improvement and flexibility allows providers at the VEMC to continue providing their patients with accessible, high-quality, team-based primary care that aligns with the PMH vision.

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