Part 1 – Patient-Centeredness

The Patient’s Medical Home has the concept of patient-centeredness as one of its pillars. Part of being patient-centered means listening to patients and incorporating their view in to the care offered. Memorial University’s network of family practice clinics in St. John’s, Newfoundland puts a lot of emphasis on incorporating the patient perspective. In this first of a four part series, find out from patients of this clinic network about how this works for them.


Part 2 – Specialty Care

A Patient’s Medical Home plays a central role in seamlessly connecting their patients to other specialty care. In this second part in our series on the patient perspective, hear how the patient group at the St. John’s clinic network feels they are connected.


Part 3 – Team-Based Care

A Patient’s Medical Home is team-based, with a range of health professionals working together for the benefit of the patient. How does the patient group at our St. John’s clinic network feel about the team-based care they receive? Find out in our third part of this series.


Part 4 – A Unique Experience

Listening to patients and understanding what makes their family practice special to them can be an important part of being patient-centered. What does our patient group like most about the Memorial University family practice clinics? Find out in our last in our series of four about this St. John’s practice network.

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