You can support improved health and health care for all Canadians. You can ensure the sustainability of the health care system by supporting strong primary care and family practices. You can do this by providing stable and adequate funding for primary care, as well as by implementing policies that recognize the importance of family medicine and primary care. You will be investing in a health care system that provides better access to, and coordination of, programs and services. PMHs can lead to higher patient satisfaction, better health outcomes, and better care, such as improved chronic disease management.

PMHs need the support of governments across Canada through leadership, funding and other resources. This support must include supports for all members of the PMH team and their clinical, research, and administrative responsibilities. Electronic Medical Records (eMRs), patient-centred practice strategies, and electronic communications between patients and health professionals also need support. All such supports contribute to an optimal setting for implementing, continuing, and improving the PMH.

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