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PMH Symposium Summary Report

Advancing the Pillars of the Patient’s Medical Home in Ontario’s Evolving Health System On May 27, 2016, the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP), with the support of The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), sponsored a special symposium on the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH). This successful event allowed family physicians to engage in […]

The Patient’s Medical Home: It Takes a Team

One of the pillars of the Patient’s Medical Home model is team-based care. An inter-professional team of health care providers working together for the benefit of the patient. The collaborative environment fostered by the Patient’s Medical Home brings together health professionals to offer a range of services to patients in response to the needs of […]

Chronic Care Management in a Patient’s Medical Home

The CFPC’s Best Advice guide Chronic Care Management in a Patient’s Medical Home, provides actionable advice to family physicians about chronic care management in family practice settings. While this guide applies to all types of family practices, the strategies described involve many important components of the Patient’s Medical Home model. With proper intervention and ongoing […]

Physician Remuneration in a Patient’s Medical Home

As part of the CFPC’s ongoing advocacy for the Patient’s Medical Home, the Remuneration Best Advice Guide, aims to support family physicians and policy decision makers with information on how a remuneration model can address different community needs, and the outcomes associated with the models in different scenarios. Click here to review the guide and […]

New Best Advice Guide on Health Literacy Released

The latest Best Advice Guide on the topic of Health Literacy supports the crucial first pillar in the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH), Patient-Centeredness. This guide explores ways in which family physicians can support their patients understanding of health information by enhancing their own communication skills, increasing use of health literacy assessment tools in the practice, […]

A Patient’s Medical Home in Action

April Frego, RN, CDE, and Lisa Bonds, CCPA, are passionate health professionals separated only by where they are in their respective career paths. Frego has been a primary care nurse since 1976 and has spent the majority of her working career in the residency training program with the University of Manitoba. Bonds graduated from the […]

Going From Paper to Electronic

The shift from paper-based patient records to electronic medical records (EMRs) is now recognized as integral to the evolution of the delivery of care in family medicine. As EMR tools are further developed, new possibilities for their application come to light: for example, data collected through EMRs can guide system-wide decisions and inform research. The […]


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